Little is known in the outside world about this tropical paradise. In 1998, an area of 6,000 square miles was declared the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. It is the largest protected tropical forest area in the world. Once you have visited Suriname, and enjoyed its diversity of cultures and the magnificent unspoiled stretch of rainforest, you will be amazed.

The interior of Suriname is unique and, without question, it is a MUST to visit the Maroon and indigenous, Amerindian communities there. The way of life of these people has by and large remained untouched over the centuries. Since tourism to the villages is still in its infancy, they have not yet been corrupted. The inhabitants are usually as curious about you as you are about them. Become acquainted with the culture and hospitality of this fascinating environment, where the past can still be felt. For Westerners, life in the interior is of an unfamiliar purity; one valuing nature and closely-knit communities.

Don't miss the opportunity to become acquainted with the treasure of Suriname: the tropical rainforest. Even on a world scale, this is a unique area - unspoiled, and relatively accessible - a winning combination for sustainable tourism.

'The Guide to Suriname'
- the first all-encompassing guidebook in English.
An English edition of the Dutch Language book: Reizen in Suriname': Piranha en Mope. First print 1995, second edition: 1996.

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