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ROEL wrote:
Hallo ik zoek een handels partner in suriname laat weten als je geinterseerd ben groetjes.

Jack wrote:
The casino on plaza hotel,is it still open?

Keith Basson wrote:
Stel belang in inligting vanuit die oogpunt van 'n inwoner van Suriname?

Cheryl wrote:
I'm looking for anyone with any knowledge of the Surname Darway, or it's origin. I'd be extremely gratefull for any help or suggestions. Thank You, Cheryl

Vincent E. Summers wrote:
Hello. I am interested in learning of any genealogical lists of persons of English origin in Surinam(e) during the late 1600's and possibly early 1700's. Does anyone know of such a list? One name is MARTIN and one is FITZGERALD, and FITZGERALD was said to be in the Dutch Service. I do not know if he was in Suriname, however. MARTIN supposedly was. Thank you.

REEVES wrote:
i am looking for relatives in suriname last name Esser. ANY INFORMATION WILL BE HELPFUL. THANK U.

Bo-Goran Hedberg, Sweden wrote:
LOST FRIENDS! More than 30 yaers ago I was going by train from England back to Sweden. I was 18 years old and on the train I met a man and a woman from Surinam but living in Holland studying agriculture. Three years later I went to Wagening in Holland to see this pair, now a small family with a newborn little boy, before they were going back to Surinam. I stayed with them for 2-3 days but after that we lost contact. Their names were Ellen and Winston Caldeira and I would be very happy if we could renew our contact. Is it in any way possible, through this website, to get some information about Ellen and Winston Caldeira in Surinam. Please send me a message if anybody can help me. / Bo-Goran Hedberg, Stromsund, Sweden, e-mail [email protected]

J. Rodgers wrote:
I am doing research on Suriname for a 7th grade project. I am to find two historic people (or groups of people) to write about and I am to include their pictures as well. Are there any websites I can go to? Also, any website about the history of Suriname would be helpful. Thank-you.

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Frank wrote:
I am trying to find out if there are any beaches in Suriname suitable for surfing. (Not windsurfing, but Hawaiin type surfboard riding). Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks!

Lou Nouwen wrote:
Iam constructing a general database on Suriname Any and all factual data which could be included would be greatly appreciated.

k stafford wrote:
I am working on a school project about Suriname and need a recipe from this country. Nothing to difficult please. Thanks for your help!

amanzi wrote:
Hello all. I will be visiting Paramaribo in December. Are there any places to hear good music? What kind of music or groups are popular? I have heard popular Surinamese music in Amsterdam.

Stephan wrote:
Greetings, Would you be able to provide me with current info. on the state of the Maroons and Indigenous peoples,i.e., living conditions, health, education. Also, are eco-tours helping these groups improve their economic status and preserving their way of life. And lastly, does METS still exist? If so, how much say do the indigenous peoples have in how the eco-tours are organized. I appreciate your help. sincerely, Stephan

Dan wrote:
I've been working on a group project; where, we are designing an ecotour. The requirements of the project demand that our tour remains true to the seven dimentions of ecotourism, and I've had quite some trouble locating the following information that would be of use for providing cultural excange (without being intrusive) and be of economic bennifit to local commuities. Could you possibly send me some information about the Suriname Navagation Company and the Wilde Busses routes, travel time between Paramaribo and Albina, and their respective fairs. Also, could you please send a copy of schedualed events at the Andre Kamperveen Stadium and if possible the scheduals for any of the following soccer clubs Boxel, De Rest, Leo Victor, Robinhood, SNL, and Transval, and finaly if possible a schedual of aeromodelling competions. Thank you, Dan

Katya wrote:
I'd like to know about education system in Suriname. Ik kan het nergens vinden. If anybody knows something, please help. I'd be greatfull.

john wrote:
I have a project on suriname. What is its relations toward cuba? I have searched for 8 hours!! any help would be appreciated

christina wrote:
I have a project on suriname. Got any info or great websites? Thanks

christina wrote:
Who was the first president or dictator of Suriname?

Sandra Hanke wrote:
Hallo, my friend and I am travel around the world. Also a long time in the wonderfull, thick jungle of Suriname. We made thousends of good and special photos about birds and landscapes, peoples and so on. We try to help the jungle arround the world with slide shows and pictuesshows. Maybe you are interested on good pictures. Look at oure website. Sandra & Dieter

Janet wrote:
I am looking for info on artists and authors of Suriname for my 7th grade Geography class. Any info or websites would be helpful. Thank you. Janet Orlando, Florida, US

nnntje wrote:
heel erg leuke site, een juiste weergave van Suriname en gewoonten.

Barrie Hiern wrote:
How much is an airmail letter from Surinam to the United States?

tom van watermeulen wrote:
I`m looking for someone who is working with dart frogs in suriname and can export them to me in belgium.

Erminia Ricci wrote:
Dear Sir, The Suriname Tourism Foundation gave me the indication to ask you for some information. We are two people who would like to go to Suriname on the next June. Our intention would be to leave from Paramaribo and make the loop Zanderij, Kamp 52, Blanche Marie Falls, Apoera, Nieuw Nicherie, Paramaribo. Do you know if there is a bus between Paramaribo and Apoera and if it is possible to take a boat (ferry or other) from Apoera to Nieuw Nicherie? And eventually do you have any idea about the time that it would take to arrive in Apoera crossing the forest? The Suriname Tourism Foundation wrote us that you went there by bycicle, a great trip! Thank you very much in advance, best regards Erminia Ricci

Sip wrote:
Mijn familie doet onderzoek naar een naam van 1 van de voorouders te weten Woudstra. Als er lezers in Suriname (of bezoekers)die informatie hebben mogen ze reageren. Het gaat om de family met de oorsprong in Heerenveen in Nederland.


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