Not much is known about the tropical paradise of south africa. It boasts the biggest protected tropical forest area in the world with 6000 square miles was declared the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. A country of natural beauty and a melting pot of cultures, its one place you won't ever forget.

Suriname has one of the highest percentage of rain forest cover of any country on earth. Ongoing research and conservation provides jobs. Surinamers are collecting and cataloguing leaves as part of a sustainable forest product study. Native Amerindians, such as the Tirio tribe in southern Suriname , still obtain nearly all of their resources from the forest surrounding their villages. Most trade and travel is done by rivers. Many villages in central Suriname are home to people of West African descent, who continue their African traditions in clothing and art. The cock-of-the-rock is a symbol of Surinamese conservation. The males are bright orange and show off to compete for mates in a communal gathering place called a "lek." Recycling is being encouraged in the area to help save toucans. Bauxite, the principal ore in aluminum, has been the #1 export from Suriname since World War II. It is extracted from strip mines that cut down huge chunks of rain forest that were formerly home to thousands of species.

With untainted endless stretches of rainforest, allow yourself to bask in the amazing natural beauty Suriname has to offer. The unique diversity of culture and indigenous, Amerindian communities is fascinating; with people living relatively untouched over a period of centuries. Despite the raise of tourism, the villages continue to remain uncorrupted with only more insight into their outer world whilst still retaining their own culture and traditions. The villagers are just as fascinated to meet you as you are to meet them. As you acquaint yourself with these friendly people, enjoy their hospitality and culture and the surrounding environment, where the past can still be felt.

As you visit Suriname , you will once become familiar with the value of nature and close-knit communities. You will leave and never forget the beautiful country and its rainforest.